Watching The River Run

Announcing an informative and stirring multimedia program for libraries, schools, outdoor and conservation groups, senior residences, service organizations, and other community groups. It is based on the newly published book, The Sacramento: A Transcendent River by Bob Madgic.

"Watching The River Run" begins with an instructional segment on the elements of a natural river, degradations the Sacramento River has experienced, and ongoing efforts to preserve and restore many of these elements. It is followed by a presentation of striking images, music, and video that convey the power and beauty of this magnificent river and the creatures it supports. The total length of the program is 55 minutes. A shorter version for meeting requirements is also available. Costs can be discussed.

The Sacramento: A Transcendent River by Bob Madgic is the first comprehensive book on this, one of the most important rivers in the world. It traces the river's course from its headwaters to its estuary, and its human history from before Euro-Americans to the present.

If interested in scheduling this program (or ordering the book), contact Bob Madgic at (530)365-5852;;